Bowser’S Inside Story Snack Basket What Does Luigi Eat? (Best solution)

Snack Basket is a Special Attack in Mario Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story that may be utilized to defeat Bowser. When the player controls Luigi with the D-Pad, he will consume dropping cookies and other goodies as the user controls the D-Pad. Luigi becomes extremely fat as a consequence of his munching; as a result, Mario grabs him and proceeds to fling him into the air, causing him to fall to the ground.

How do you get a snack basket in Bowsers Inside Story?

When all ten Dimble Wood Attack Pieces are collected, the Snack Basket Special/Bros. Attack is unlocked in Mario Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story and its Nintendo 3DS version, Mario Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story + Bowser Jr.’s Journey. It is unlocked after completing the game’s main story. After Luigi has completed his strike, he will shrink back down to his original size and appearance.

How do you get the third star Cure in Bowser’s Inside Story?

Return to the mountain and use the green pipe at the foot of the mountain to cut through to Chakron. Talk to him and use the Snack Basket special attack to knock him out of his chair. – Hooray! You have been awarded the third Star Cure!

How do you beat Chakron?

When a perfect Snack Basket is completed, Chakron does not fight and cannot be beaten; similarly, Midbus’s food items have comparable statistics in the game’s code and will also terminate the combat instantly when they are executed. As a result, Bowser X receives the distinction of being the game’s most powerful boss.

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How much HP does Wisdurm have?

Using the hammer holds that brother in place, albeit they run the risk of being trampled if they do not time the hammer swings correctly; each strike deals only little damage to Wisdurm; and each hit delivers limited damage to Wisdurm (only one HP per hit in the original ).

How do you cure the second star?

The second Star Cure is found at Bowser’s Castle, which is where Mario and Luigi decide to hand over control to Bowser and his minions. Bowser recalls that he has a Star Cure hidden away in his Treasure Chamber in a safe, and he is relieved that Fawful hasn’t made his way down there just yet.

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