How To Have Dinner With Kelly? (Question)

When you speak with Kelly after completing the Collector Ship Mission, she will express her desire for more time to get to know Shepard and will say that she wishes she had more time to do so. Make the choice “Let’s eat supper” to begin the dining scene (which you will not watch in its entirety).
While talking with Kelly after you accomplish the Collector Ship Mission, she will express her desire for more time with Shepard and will say that she wishes there had been more time to get to know him. Choosing the phrase “Let’s eat supper” will begin the dinner scenario (which you will not witness).

  • You may talk to Kelly again after supper, and you can accept her offer to take care of your fish for you, which will relieve you of the need to personally feed them after each Mission or Assignment.

Should I have dinner with Kelly?

The fact is that no one ever suggests supper, and if I do purchase fish, it’s because Miranda says so, and the marine life is doomed. Always believed you had to woo her (if you can call it a “romance” at all) in order to entice her to feed your fish for you, but I might be wrong.

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Can you romance Kelly and someone else?

By inviting both of your romance lovers to come, the game will not take into consideration the fact that you have two or more romance partners. Having said that, you may have a partial relationship with Kelly while also having a complete romance with another character.

How do I invite Kelly to my cabin?

Following your departure from the CIC (either through the Elevator or the Galaxy Map), you’ll find a message from Kelly on your Private Terminal, which will allow you to request that she accompany you inside the captain’s cabin. If you communicate with her over the Intercom, which is located in the Captain’s Cabin’s office, she will appear in a skimpy costume from Chora’s Den.

Does romancing Kelly affect Ashley?

Kelly is a female Shepard who might be a potential romantic interest for any male or female Shepard. As a result of her unique relationship mechanics, she doesn’t impede or otherwise conflict with the pursuit of other loves, including the maintenance of old flames like Liara, Kaidan, and Ashley.

Can you sleep with Kelly?

If you are a Shepard of either gender, Kelly Chambers is one of the first people you should approach since she is accessible at all time. One of the most notable differences is that romancing her will not damage your romance with any of your squad mates, which is incredibly rare but likely enjoyed by many gamers as well.

Can you romance Kelly in me3?

In Mass Effect 2, while Kelly Chambers can be interested throughout any Shepard regardless of gender, a Romance with her can only occur if you have already had a Flirty connection with her in the game. Also required is that you must have invited her up to your cabin at the very end of the last game, and that you do not pursue a romantic relationship in Mass Effect 3.

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How do you get Kelly in me3?

Kelly Chambers is a character in Mass Effect 3. Kelly Chambers may be located in the docking area of the Citadel, where she is responsible for the refugees that are being housed there in Mass Effect 3. If you imported a Mass Effect 2 save and had any fish in your possession, she will arrange for them to be returned to your aquarium on the Normandy.

Can you romance both Kelly and Samara?

The fact that Kelly (or Samara) is in a relationship in 2 has no effect on the other relationships. Having Kelly feed your fish is a step in the direction of romance with her, rather than a barrier to it.

Can you romance Kelly and Samara?

In addition to continuing a romantic connection with Kelly Chambers or Samara, both Shepards are able to begin or maintain a romance with Kaidan or Liara, as well as begin a relationship with Diana Allers.

Does Liara mention Kelly?

Liara will not reference Kelly in any way, shape, or form. From what I’ve seen so far, Liara will act as if Shepard has been completely faithful, and the discussion will flow as if Liara’s connection with Kelly doesn’t exist. I should caution you, though, that this is a possibility.

Does romancing Kelly affect Liara?

I can confirm that it has no impact on Liara’s romantic life at all. Even after the typical romantic scene with Liara, you may still summon Kelly to your room by dialing her phone number.

Who is the best romance in Mass Effect?

The Top 10 Best Romances in Mass Effect: Shepard’s Ten Best Romances, Ranked

  1. Garrus Vakarian is ranked first. Players first saw Garrus Vakarian in the original Mass Effect, and they fell head over heels in love with him right away. The following are the cast members: 2 Liara T’Soni
  2. 3 Thane Krios
  3. 4 Jack
  4. 5 Tali’Zorah
  5. 6 Miranda Lawson
  6. 7 Kelly Chambers
  7. 8 Kaidan Alenko.
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Can you romance Kelly as Femshep?

The possibility of romantic involvement with Kelly exists for both male and female Shepard, albeit romancing her has no effect on any existing relationships Shepard may be in, whether it is with a present squad member or with a love interest in 2183. Shepard is free to flirt with Kelly at any point prior to the suicide mission’s commencement.

How do I get Kelly Chambers to change her identity?

Change your identity is an option. After completing Mission Priority: Citadel II, you’ll be able to speak with her again, and you’ll learn that asking her to alter her name saved her life, which you may thank you for.

How do you get Kelly to feed fish without romance?

Changing your identity is an option. When you return to the Citadel after completing Mission Priority: Citadel II, you will be able to speak with her once again, and you will learn that you saved her life by telling her to alter her name.

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