How Much Is Benihana Dinner For Two? (Solved)

Dinners at Benihana for the Whole Family

Benihana Family Meals For 2 For 4
Spicy Shrimp Filet Mignon $60.00 $101.00
Filet Mignon Scallops $66.00 $112.00
Filet Mignon $56.00 $97.00
Chicken Shrimp $35.00 $65.00


  • Benihana’s $26.95 dinner special includes unlimited sushi, soup, salad, and edamame, all of which may be consumed at one sitting. Monday through Thursday, supper service is available at your convenience. Frequently Asked Questions are included below. What is the cost of a dinner at Benihana? The cost of a dinner at Benihana is $25. How much does a meal at Benihana cost for two people? Benihana is $24 per person for two people. A table at Benihana may accommodate a maximum of four people.

Is Benihana considered expensive?

Is Benihana a high-priced restaurant? An entree at Benihana may cost anywhere from $60 to $80, ranking it among the most expensive restaurants in the country. The rates at Benihana, on the other hand, are completely justified when one considers the high quality of the cuisine offered and the excellent service provided to visitors.

Can you share a meal at Benihana?

The $7.95 sharing fee ensures that the person who will be sharing your supper will still be able to enjoy their own Onion Soup, Benihana Salad, steaming rice, and Japanese hot green tea in addition to yours. It is a terrific deal for folks who do not want to prepare their own dinners and want to save money.

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What is the best thing to order at Benihana?

On the Benihana menu, the best and worst dishes are highlighted.

  • Hibachi Chicken
  • Seaweed Salad
  • Vegetable Tempura
  • Hibachi Chicken Rice
  • Spicy Fried Rice with Chicken
  • Chilli Shrimp Roll
  • Seafood Diablo
  • Spicy Tofu Steak
  • Hibachi Chicken Roll

How long is Benihana dinner?

It was more than a year ago. Figure 1 – 1/2 hour and take pleasure in it. It was more than a year ago.

How does Benihana menu work?

A dish from the menu will be ordered by each diner, who will then sit and watch it being produced while also enjoying an appetizer such as soup or salad. Beef, shrimp, chicken, and tofu are among of the most common menu items done teppanyaki-style, which are served with a variety of grilled veggies and fried rice or noodles.

Where is the original Benihana?

Benihana agreed in 2012 to be bought by Angelo Gordon Company, a private equity group, for a total acquisition price of $296 million.

How many Benihanas are there?

What is the total number of Benihana locations? Benihana operates 66 Japanese teppanyaki restaurants throughout the United States, the Caribbean, Central and South America, and has franchised a further ten locations. In addition, there are 21 RA Sushi locations and one Haru restaurant in the United States of America.

Do you tip the chef at Benihana?

Because chefs often get a portion of the gratuities collected from waiters, we recommend paying the waitstaff first, and then tipping the chef if you think an additional gratuity is warranted by the situation. If you are dining at Benihana or notice a tip jar in front of the chef, you may want to consider offering him an extra gratuity for providing very excellent service.

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Who is the owner of Benihana?

The Benihana birthday voucher is a $30 certificate that may be used on any Monday through Thursday night during your birthday month at any Benihana location. The Benihana birthday bargain is usually on our list of the Top 10 Free Birthday Meals, and it may be redeemed at any of the more than 70 Benihana locations nationwide. Benihana is the most popular Japanese hibachi steakhouse in the United States.

What kind of restaurant is Benihana?

Benihana isn’t your ordinary Japanese restaurant in the traditional sense. Known as the “Original Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant,” Benihana has been honing the art of Teppanyaki cooking for more than 50 years, wowing customers throughout the world with its distinctive tableside cooking, highly trained chefs, delectable food, and inventive beverages.

What’s so special about Benihana?

Its cuisine has earned the reputation of tasting nothing like Japanese cuisine. Benihana, on the other hand, is widely regarded as the restaurant concept that introduced Asian cuisines to American palates, opening the way for the expansion of omakase counters, Korean BBQs, hot pot chains, and bubble tea shops across the United States and Canada.

Is hibachi Japanese or Chinese?

The hibachi (Japanese:, fire bowl) is a traditional Japanese heating appliance that has been around for centuries. It is a brazier, which is a container with an open top that is either circular, cylindrical, or box-shaped, and is built of or lined with a heatproof material. It is used to keep charcoal that is burning.

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